My graduate students

Irfan Alam (expected PhD 2020). Irfan is co-advised by Karl Mahlburg.

Amy Peterson (PhD 2019). Gaussian measures and limiting behavior of polynomials on high-dimensional spheres.

Tyler Brannan (PhD 2016) worked on financial mathematics in his dissertation.

Yunyun Yang  (PhD 2015) wrote her dissertation on distribution theory  under the supervision of my colleague Ricardo Estrada. I served as co-advisor. She held a post-doctoral position at Baylor University and then as Assistant Professor at West Virginia University Institute of Technology.

Irina Holmes (PhD 2014)  has completed her doctoral dissertation on the Gaussian Radon transform. She joined  Georgia Tech as a Jack Hale Postdoctoral Fellow in the Fall of 2014, and later held NSF postdoctoral fellowships at Washington University in  St. Louis and Michigan State University. From fall 2018 she is Assistant Professor at   Texas A&M University.

Saikat Chatterjee (PhD 2011), who obtained his PhD in Physics from the S. N. Bose Centre working with my research collaborator Amitabha Lahiri and me, was most recently a post-doctoral fellow at the Institut des Haute Etudes Scientifiques .  He is presently on the faculty at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research.

Junyue Xu (PhD 2011) obtained his doctoral degree from the LSU Economics department working with Eric Hillebrand and me. In his PhD work he studied, among other phenomena, the serial correlation in defaults of subprime mortgages. He now works at Moody’s Analytics.

Adam Lodygowski [MS 2010 (Math), PhD 2010 (EE)] works  at UniCredit Markets and Investment Banking. His Master’s dissertation studied correlated default phenomena.

Chao Meng (PhD 2008) works at JP Morgan Chase. In his dissertation he studied default phenomena in CDOs working with a Gaussian copula model.

Ryan Coelho (MS 2006) works at Deloitte. His Master’s thesis examined copula models.

Jeremy Becnel (PhD 2006) is Associate Professor of Mathematics at Stephen F. Austin University. His research work is focussed on infinite dimensional analysis, with special interest in the Gaussian Radon transform.

Vochita Mihai (PhD 2004) is  Chair, Department of Mathematics at Medaille College.

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